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Creating cool mobile applications

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Creating cool mobile applications

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Our company in 16 seconds:
— 10 projects in 2016.
— Usually creates MVPs for startups: drafting, designing and developing mobile applications and back-end.
 — We love and know how to create a product.
Denis Chudinov, Co-founder
These companies trust us
And here's what they say about us
About us
I met Denis Chudinov and Dmitry Guselnikov while working on "Rustoria" startup: Dmitry was in charge of Android development and Denis was drafting the application. This was an interesting experience, we also worked on other projects numerous times after that. I'll be glad to work with these guys in the future.

Dmitry Vasilev
NetCat founder
I know all Lean Peaks employees, they are real professionals. I got to work with the whole team as well as with each of them separately in very challenging timetable. So, since each of them is individually strong, together they constitute a very skillful collective where one person’s drawbacks are balanced by other’s strengths.
Alexey Firsov
Media-Storm communications agency Technical Director
Serious Games quests Lead Architect
aiohttp and aiopg libraries contributor
You sometimes have to work with people you don’t like that much, you know. Well, I’m happy the guys from Lean Peaks are the opposite of that; we are always on the same page.
Andranik Agafonov
PressPass Editor-in-chief
I don’t know what to write, Denis, I like everything, just make up something that sounds like me.

"I love these guys)))"
Ekaterina Boeva
I have known the guys for a long time, they help me with minor projects; what pleases me most is their level of responsibility and creativity. They always meet deadlines and put quality over quantity.
Alexey Sorochan
Head of Rossi studio
There are only two reasons to entrust us with your project
We know our work

We listen closely.
We ask again if something’s not clear.
We are not guided by whims.

We want to make friends

Lifetime warranty — we correct our bugs at our expense. Even after the project is complete.

Free consultations — we will always find the time to communicate: tell you something new, share an advice or help to solve problems.
This means you can lean on us
Tecnologies we use
We are available via phone, email and in person (if you are in Moscow).

Prompt contact via Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp.

Advanced colleagues work wit us using
Slack, Google Docs and Active Collab.
Prototyping and design
Actively use UXPin and Axure depending on the tasks.
We keep our codes safe using Bitbucket private repositories.

We organize continuous delivery with the help of Jenkins.

We setup servers with
Docker and Vagrant.
We monitor user’s errors with Crashlytics (Android/iOS) and Selenium (Web).

Unit tests for our codes: JUnit (Java/Android), PHPUnit (PHP), PyUnit (Python), XCUnit (iOS).

Our code in comprehensible:
Google Java Style Guide (Java), Zend Framework Coding Standart (PHP), Swift Style Guide, PEP8 (Python).
We made
We offer
(A cheapskate pays twice)
Contact us and we will look forward to seeing you to:

— Point out general aspects of IT projects execution.
— Present your project in a structured fashion.
— Consult you on software and hardware.
— Offer insights into our prices.
— Present our vision of your project or recommend reliable professionals.
no charge
(a cup of coffee for our manager is appreciated)
iOS and Android mobile applications
We carry out the full cycle of development:

— prototyping;
— design;
— application development;
— server development;
— testing;
— administration.

As well as:
— update content (texts, images, videos);
— set up analytics;
— documentation and specifications;
— place the application in App Store/Google Play;
— make eye-catching landings to promote your application.
and beyond :)
Behind all this are these people
Denis Chudinov
Restless leader. Praises amd motivates. Mastermind.
Responsible for UI, UX, design, strategy and texts. Can assemble a Rubik's cube in 20 seconds. Loves giving programmers tasks on logic and acumen.
Dmitry Guselnikov
Technical Director. Technologies guru. Mystery man.
Legendary person. GlaDOS-level intellect. Knows Java SE 6/7/8, C/C++. Python, JavaScript, PHP, Swift. Android SDK/Android NDK, Xcode 7/8, Apache, mySQL.
Dmitry Trofimov
All-other-matters Director
(doesn't have a normal picture)
Finance, accounting, management, meanness — Dima is good at everything except one thing: he won't succeed in making it to the top of Russian MtG community.
Dmitry Yurchenko
Android developer. When we play Overwatch, Dima picks Lucio, that's very nice.
Over 5 years in software development and 3 of them as Android developer. Over 15 projects. Also loves ping-pong, snowboarding and borscht.
Pavel Semyonov
iOS developer. Enjoys UX designers and doesn’t play online shooters with us ;(
Programming since 2006, iOS programming since 2009. Knows what CocoaPods is, can do reverse engineering (class-dump + encrypt).
Objective-C, Apple Swift, Ruby, Golang.
Follow the white rabbit

Come to visit us but give us a notice the day before, we aren't there every day.

Russia, Moscow, Begovaya station
3 str 1 Begovaya street
Nordstar Tower, 31st floor
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